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Small and medium businesses form the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Businesses with an online presence can grow 80% faster, and are 1.5x more likely to increase hiring than those that aren’t*, so Indonesian businesses benefit significantly from being online.

Whether it’s searching for a birthday cake for their child, or furniture for their home, consumers turn to the Internet to discover new products and services, search engines provide a way for businesses to be found online and connect more easily with their customers far and wide. That’s why Google is committed to helping small and medium businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs across Indonesia gain the digital resources they need to thrive today and tomorrow.

*Deloitte Access Economics Report

Gapura Digital

With the Gapura Digital initiative, businesses and entrepreneurs across Indonesia have access to offline, in-person training to build and grow their digital marketing and online business skills.

Gapura Digital offers in-person training in 10 cities, with courses ranging from how to make the most of online advertising, to tips for creating great websites. We also have classes about how to make the web work better for any kind of company, from home-based businesses to office-based enterprises.

Since May 2017, more than 50,000 people have been trained via Gapura Digital classes and are learning how to overcome their biggest challenges in the digital era so they can unlock their potential to grow their businesses online.

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Toserda shares its spicy treats with the world through online stores

Willy Hono started his small sambal shop, Toserda, in 2010. He wanted to spread the word about his spicy chili pepper sauces and snacks to a wider audience. So he launched the Toserda website and began selling his products on other e-commerce sites, transforming his West Java shop into a global sambal purveyor with customers as far away as Europe and the United States.

Free lessons on building a digital business

Primer, a free mobile app developed by Google, supplements the in-classroom learning experience with online training modules to help entrepreneurs start, build, grow and sustain their businesses online. Primer offers short lessons on everything from how to create a business and sell products or services, to leveraging the power of online advertising to reach more customers. Each lesson takes just five minutes to complete, so no matter where you are, Primer is a fast and easy way to learn how to grow your business now, and help it thrive in the future.

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In Indonesia, women own 43% of small and medium businesses, yet those businesses only contribute an estimated 9% towards Indonesia’s GDP*. Since May 2017, Google’s Womenwill program has had more than 9,000 women attend conferences and offline trainings across 5 cities in Indonesia, helping business owners become more digitally-savvy. Through trainings and resources focused on the use of technology and digital platforms, our aim is to help them diversify and grow their businesses. These women entrepreneurs are inspiring one another, shaping their communities and helping Indonesia prosper, as they prepare their businesses for a more digital future.

*International Finance commission & USAID Report, 2016

Aprilla’s digital marketing focus helps her businesses thrive

Discover how Aprilia Melissa Kristiawan Tarigan used digital marketing training to transform her small photo studio into a booming business.

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